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November 03, 1990

You have some nerve, Mister. I happened to be at the (New Kids) concert. It was not a waste of energy to us, them or anyone else. The only waste of energy was you writing this stupid article.

In the part where you said we fans would scream at almost anything, even the stagehands' pre-show adjustment and so on, that was ridiculous. We only screamed because we knew the New Kids were coming on soon.

They gave it their all, and we loved it. Donnie went on stage and yelled, "Drugs suck!" Now what singer would go on stage and say that? We were very grateful to him (and so were many parents). We thank him. Jonathan loves to perform, but like many people he doesn't feel comfortable around humongous groups. Yes, Jordan is the best singer in the group. He dances great. They all can sing. Yes, even Danny Wood. He's a great singer. Joe McIntyre by far did the best and most entertaining job of all. We practically died each time he came out.

For all I know, you probably didn't even go to the concert.

Donnie said, "Don't take it when people are disrespectful to you or us." So "Shut Up!" and Donnie told me to say it.


P.S. Yes, not all New Kids fans are 5 years old.

P.P.S. You just lost a subscriber to The Times

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