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November 04, 1990|KEVIN THOMAS

Paul Brickman's very funny 1983 Risky Business (Channel 13 Sunday at 8 p.m.) finds Tom Cruise, under the sway of seductive hooker Rebecca De Mornay, turning his handsome suburban Chicago home into a brothel while his parents are away.

83 Hours 'Til Dawn (CBS Sunday at 9 p.m.), a new TV movie based on an actual incident, stars Peter Strauss as a crazed kidnaper and Robert Urich as the father of Strauss' victim (Samantha Mathis), whom he has buried alive.

Three Men and a Baby (NBC Sunday at 9 p.m.), a 1987 smash, is as likable, though frothier than the original, as the French picture upon which it is based. Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson are three swinging New York bachelors who find a baby on their doorstep.

The new TV movie The Last Best Year of My Life (ABC Sunday at 9 p.m.) teams Mary Tyler Moore as a psychologist and Bernadette Peters as her reluctant patient, a self-reliant woman facing terminal cancer.

Splash (Channel 5 Monday at 8 p.m.), one of the big box-office winners of 1984, has Tom Hanks falling in love with mermaid Daryl Hannah.

The 1982 An Officer and a Gentleman (Channel 13 Monday at 8 p.m.) is a slick, entertaining, old-fashioned heart-tugger about a couple of naval aviation cadets (Richard Gere, David Keith) who become involved with two townies (Debra Winger, Lisa Blount) while attending the rigorous U.S. Officer Candidate School in Puget Sound. Louis Gossett Jr. won an Oscar for his portrayal of a super-tough drill instructor.

On Thin Ice: The Tai Babilonia Story (NBC Monday at 9 p.m.) is a new TV movie about the world champion figure skater. Rachel Crawford stars.

Dragnet (Channel 5 Tuesday at 8 p.m.), a 1987 release, has fun with the old Jack Webb radio and TV series, with Dan Aykroyd cast as the supersquare nephew of Webb's Sgt. Joe Friday and Tom Hanks as his ironic foil, but it stumbles on the overdone centerpiece of its plot, a band of hedonistic zealots who indulge in virgin sacrifice and pagan ritual.

Even more over the top is the 1986 Big Trouble in Little China (Channel 11 Wednesday at 8 p.m.), a try at mock-Oriental movie magic that goes leaden about a third of the way through. Kurt Russell seems to be spoofing John Wayne as he gets caught up in subterranean Chinatown intrigue in search of his best friend's kidnapped fiancee.

Running Scared (Channel 5 Thursday at 8 p.m.) stars Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines as undercover Chicago cops dreaming of opening a bar in Key West but sidetracked by plenty of exploits in the Windy City. It's a stylish 1986 genre piece, enlivened by the stars' fine rapport.

In Trading Places (Channel 13 Thursday at 8 p.m.), that hilarious 1983 variation on "The Prince and the Pauper," Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy decide to see if streetwise Eddie Murphy can run their Philadelphia commodities brokerage as well as insufferable WASP Dan Aykroyd has.

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