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Turn In, Tune On, Speak Out : Here are the responses to the Oct. 14 question: Which sportscaster do you watch, locally or nationally?

November 04, 1990

I watch Keith Olbermann because I will see something I won't see anywhereelse-humor. That is, humor because his work is original, he has a clever play on words and sometimes he's just plain silly.

More than this, he places events in historical perspective with a knowledge of tradition and obvious love of the games.

He knows what really matters (i.e. the San Francisco earthquake; Jim Abbott's signing; the Donnie Moore tragedy) in personal as well as sports perspectives.

And since, in all this, there is a recognition that the viewer might actually have some intelligence and awareness of sports and something beyond, I will continue to watch Keith Olbermann.

Lulu Lewis, North Hollywood

Favorite sportscaster, local: Ed Arnold, KTLA.

He is thorough, knowledgeable and straightforward, more interested in communicating sports news that his own notoriety.

Tony T. Schaeffer, Granada Hills

Someone at KNBC should break the news to Fred Roggin that he has no sense of humor, and therefore should not try to tell jokes. Jim Hill is L.A.'s best sportscaster.

Arthur J. Lacher, North Hollywood

My favorite sportscaster is Chris Berman on ESPN. He is articulate, fair and, most important, he can make us laugh.

Eartha M. Porche, Van Nuys

My answer is Todd Donoho of KABC.

He's great on the news, his show "Monday Night Live" is great and he's also on radio (95.5-FM KLOS) every morning and he adds the right touch with his sense of humor. He knows sports backwards, forwards and sideways, and he genuinely seems to enjoy talking about all sports.

Colette Barwick, Santa Ana

Who is my favorite sportscaster? No question-Jim Hill, KABC.

He's knowledgeable, intelligent, articulate, no pizzas, no gimmicks or hype. Hegoes about his business of reporting and commenting, which conjures up two words: competent, professional. He's not afraid to take a stand and back it up.

Gary Traxler, North Hollywood

I don't listen to any of them.

There seems to be a bonus for the sports announcer that gives all the results of the baseball games in the fastest time, and a second bonus to the cameraman who flashes the results in less than five seconds.

Sidney Lazarow, Orange

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