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GUIDEBOOK : Where to Find Your Daily Bread

November 04, 1990|Andrew Nemethy

Here's a baker's dozen of Vermont bread makers who represent the variety that the state has to offer. These could be a starting point for bread aficionados touring the state. However, there are also dozens of other local cafes and bakers that make fresh breads, rolls, sweets and pastries each day.

Lilydale Bakery, Pine Street, Burlington: Wonderful sourdough bran, chewy and distinctive. Also, lots of European rye and whole grain breads, croissants, French breads and pastries, house specialties, Danishes, muffins. Telephone (802) 658-2422.

Stewart's Bakery, 1889 Shelburne Road, Burlington: French bread doesn't come any better; crusty and flavorful. Also, whole-grain American breads, sourdough European ryes and wheat breads, croissants and specialty breads and pastries. (802) 865-3440.

Otter Creek Bakery, Main Street, Middlebury: Breads, muffins and pastries of every description, all delicious. The whole wheat berry loaf, made with Vermont wheat, is tops in flavor, and the specialty breads, including sourdoughs, are full of taste and imagination. (802) 388-3371.

O'Bread, Shelburne Farms, near Burlington: O'Bread's natural sourdough French and whole-wheat breads are shipped around the country (call for a list)--chewy and tart, great for toast and store well. (802) 985-8771.

Daily Bread, Route 2, Richmond Village: Home-style American loaves elevated to an art form. Great maple wheat and oatmeal breads, plus lots of specialty loaves, fine sticky buns and muffins. (802) 434-3148.

Warren Store, Warren Village: Fine French breads, specialty breads, muffins and pastries--one of Vermont's first "gourmet" bakeries and still one of the best. (802) 496-3864.

Upland Bakers, Plainfield: Unmatched when it comes to hearty, natural sourdoughs baked in a replica of a French peasant's hearth. The European rye, wheat and French sourdoughs are available in Montpelier at Hunger Mountain Co-op, The Country Store and State Street Market, as well as other speciality food stores in the region.

Deeter's Bakery, Vermont Route 12, Northfield Village: Big, round loaves of Swiss-style "peasant" bread--white, wheat and tasty four-grain. Best eaten warm and just-baked. Available at the bakery and in Montpelier. (802) 485-8861.

Manghis' Bread, 28 School St., Montpelier: Crusty French bread and American-style loaves such as oatmeal and whole-wheat, good for sandwiches and toast. Also specialty breads and rolls. Available in specialty food stores in the region. (802) 223-3676.

La Brioche, 26 Elm St., Montpelier: French breads, croissants and pastries baked daily by the students at the New England Culinary Institute. A taster's choice, at bargain prices in the cafe. (802) 229-0443.

Bear Mountain Bakery, Bear Mountain Road, Wallingford: Hearty sourdough breads, similar to Upland Bakers, available in the specialty food stores in the local region. (802) 259-2321.

Baba a Louis, Route 131, Proctorsville (also in Rutland): Fine sourdough rye and French breads along with sticky buns and one of the best raisin breads in the state. Available at the bakery and in food stores in the region. (802) 226-7178.

Hamelman's Bakery, 12 Elliot St., Brattleboro: Choices galore, in one of Vermont's choice bakeries. Sourdough and French breads, European rye, other specialties from around the world, pastries and tortes. (802) 254-6676.

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