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Betting With Janice : The Rematch At Oak Tree

November 05, 1990

I made $140 when Cara Carissima won. My bets for today are a $3 early triple, Bray Bay-Final Forecast-Justoneofthegirls, and $30 to win on Great Communicator in the eighth.

Janice's Sun. Bankroll: $1,895

Sunday's Profit: $140

Current Bankroll: $2,035

SURELOCK lost his $3 triple. His bet is a $2 Pick Nine: King Drone-Belara-Olympio-Final Forecast-Justoneofthegirls-Mogambo's Pleasure-Casey's Plum-Great Communicator-Gibson's Choice.

SURELOCK's Sun. Bankroll: $6

Sunday's Loss: $3

Current Bankroll: $3

Note: Janice Goldinger, a horse owner, does not bet on races her horses run in. SURELOCK does not own horses.

Both players started with a $2,000 bankroll.

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