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The Ultra in Soaps at P & G

November 07, 1990|LYNN SIMROSS

Procter & Gamble Co. has introduced a new line of laundry soaps that it says are "detergents of the future." Under the brand names of Tide, Cheer, Oxydol and Gain, the new detergents are called Ultra and will eventually replace the existing line.

Using what company representatives call "compact granule" technology, the detergents can clean a wash load with one small scoop of the granules. Ultra detergents--so concentrated that about half as much per load is needed compared to regular detergents--are packaged in lighter, smaller boxes that have reclosable lids and a measuring scoop.

In Southern California, Ultra detergents are available at Hughes, Mayfair, Ralphs and Gelsons markets. Ultras come in various sizes: 10-wash for about $3.50; 30-wash, $7; 42-wash, $9.50.

Gel Pack Keeps Bottles Cold

For picnics or tailgate parties, there's the Chill Factor, a portable beverage cooler that keeps a wine or soda bottle cold for hours with an inside gel pack that slips over the bottle and an outside quilted bag with a drawstring and handle for pouring.

Chill Factor's manufacturer recommends placing the gel pack in the freezer for "60 minutes minimum" and chilling the bottle "to achieve maximum length of refrigeration."

The chill bag costs $12.95. In the Los Angeles area, it's available at Rose Cafe in Venice, Vendomes in Beverly Hills, Healthy Discounts in Sherman Oaks, Stor and selected gift shops.

You can order it from CF Manufacturing, 11900 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif. 90025; (213) 476-0517. Add $2.50 for shipping and handling.

Calendar Notes Baby's Important 'Firsts'

Baby's First Year is a new wall calendar designed to make it unique to every mother. The top portion features hand-colored photographs of babies and baby memorabilia. The bottom portion is a traditional calendar, except it leaves the days and dates blank, allowing the new mother to start the calendar on any month, depending on the birth date of her baby.

In addition to having daily squares, each month sets aside space for important "firsts" such as: Baby's Sleeping Pattern, Feeding Schedule, Sounds. . . .

Designed by photographer Kim Tucker, the calendar also has a place for the baby's first photo. To order--for $8, plus $1.50 shipping and handling--contact Kim Tucker Enterprises, P.O. Box 5876, Sherman Oaks, Calif. 91413.

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