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Performances An Opinionated Guide

November 08, 1990|BILL LOCEY


Mojo Hand (Hungry Hunter, 487 N. Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks, 497-3925) Rockin', rollin', foot-stompin' blues by this east county quartet playing at their favorite place. Also Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.

Don Dokken, Trixter (Ventura Theatre, 26 S. Chestnut St., Ventura, 648-1888) Middle-of-the-road metal for headbangers.

Toad The Wet Sprocket (Carnaval Club, 634 State St., Santa Barbara, 965-8422) These four San Marcos High School alumni were recently voted Best Hard Rock Band in Santa Barbara by The Independent. That's like voting Megadeth Best Gospel Group. Anyway, it's mellow pop rock by the most successful local band.

Official Resistance (Alex's Cantina, 5918 Hollister Ave., Goleta, 683-2577) These Santa Barbara locals rock harder than Toad--they have a lot more tattoos too.

Leo Downey Band (The Ketch, 514 State St., Santa Barbara, 564-3231) It's the Santa Barbara beat for the Santa Barbara meat, as in market. The bathroom line moves like a frozen snail, so imbibe accordingly. Also Friday.


Brave New World (Charlie's, 362 California St., Ventura, 648-6688) Industrial strength reggae sure to keep the locals skanking, mon.


Warren Zevon Acoustic Trio (Ventura Theatre, 26 S. Chestnut St., 649-1888) Now maybe we'll get a chance to hear some of Zevon's funny lyrics. It'll be like the Comedy Club with a beat.


The Pontiax (Alexander's, 1050 Schooner Drive, Ventura, 658-2000) Veteran blues band provides the soundtrack for this week's Blue Monday presentation; and who cares about the Redskins and the Eagles, anyway?


Circus Life, The Mudheads (Carnaval Club) It's Local Band Night--the first band is from Santa Barbara. The Mudheads are one of Ventura's best.


Karla Bonoff (Ventura Theatre) It's a tearjerker tunefest, sort of a Bette Davis movie with a beat. The Angst show of the week.

Toad The Wet Sprocket (Hornblower's 1559 Spinnaker Drive, 658-2345) Yup, it's them again, taking their act on the road. These guys used to open for the Mudheads and the I-Rails, now they can afford to buy Montecito.

Ame Lorain (Carnaval Club) This week's disco goddess with an MTV video hit, an anemic voice and the look that fogs every guy's glasses within a 12-block radius.

Official Resistance (Alex's Cantina, 633 State St., Santa Barbara, 966-0032) Loud, thrashy rock and roll. Perhaps this is Santa Barbara's answer to Aerosmith, perhaps not.

Yes, it's only rock 'n' roll, and thus, these listings are subject to capricious change for no apparent reason--your mom was right, call first.

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