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Lost in the Forest?

November 10, 1990

As a painter and former resident of Orange County, I periodically see the art exhibits at museums in the area. It is usually rewarding to know about the artists who have worked and lived here, whether past or contemporary.

The Laguna Museum is one we can count on to exercise the well-established tradition of mounting shows of local or regional interest.

Therefore I was astonished by your review "Exhibit of the Ho-Hum." In her reference to "provincial art styles beloved by the locals. . . , " your critic, Cathy Curtis, alludes derisively to the obvious; then arrogantly ignores it with some stunning overkill.

Anyone who has lived a significant time in coastal Orange County, if dropped blindfolded into the area with no other visual clues but the light of day, would know immediately where they were.

The light is a major ingredient in the Southern California scene, and the other nine artists, whether "timidly conservative" or not, were genuinely responsive in recording with skill this world that they delighted in, during a pastoral period that has all but vanished.

So spare us your groans, lady. We know the difference between the French masters and the nine artists shown here.


Seal Beach

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