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CLIPBOARD : Single-Family Home Sales

November 10, 1990

While single-family houses were dominating the market around Orange County, here they accounted for only about one in five new hoes sold during 1989. In all four contiguous counties single-family residences dominated the market, with a high of 84% in San Bernardino. Throughout the state, the share was 66%. Here's the comparison:

Orange County: 19%

Los Angeles County: 60%

Riverside County: 76%

San Bernardino County: 84%

San Diego County: 44%

Statewide: 66%


The average selling price of new single-family homes in Orange County-in excess of $400,000-easily topped prices in the surrounding counties during 1989. In fact, the average price here was 42% higher than in Los Angeles County, the next highest area, and was 93% higher than the statewide figure.

Here's how the prices compared:

Orange County: $408,400

Riverside County: $165,500

Statewide: $211,700


Although Orange County buyers were paying more for their new single-family homes, they were also buying "more house" than those in surrounding counties. Average living space here in new homes sold last year was 2,665 square feet-21% more than in San Diego County, which had the next highest average amount of space. Here's how Orange County compares to its neighbors and the rest of the state:

Orange County: 2,665 sq. ft.

Riverside County: 1,880 sq. ft.

Statewide: 2,000 sq. ft.

Source: Construction Industry Research Board

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