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November 11, 1990


DADDY by Danielle Steel (Dell: $5.95). Three generations of men's consciousness-raising through divorce, death, birth and bonding.

REASONABLE DOUBT by Philip Friedman (Ivy: $5.95). Michael Ryan takes on his daughter-in-law's defense when she is charged with the murder of his son.

THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW by Clive Barker (HarperPaperbacks: $5.95). First in what is to be a scientific-horror trilogy.

FAILURE TO ZIGZAG by Jane Vandenburg (Avon: $8.95). The title stems from a phrase for a standard military maneuver used by ships at war; the young protagonist uses it as a metaphor for an idiosyncratic trait she fears afflicts her family.


MAGIC'S TOUCH by Earvin (Magic) Johnson Jr. and Roy S. Johnson (Addison-Wesley: $4.95). Lakers' definition of "magic" is a smart, enthusiastic, commanding, congenial hard-working team player.

WHOSE ROSE GARDEN IS IT ANYWAY? by Art Buchwald (Perigee: $9.95). Humorist explains why Oliver North is a hero; how Reagan could drive through a car wash with the top down unscathed; and why Bush should claim Quayle as a dependent.

NO LIMIT: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Molony by Gary Ross (Ballantine: $4.95). Londoner's mix of compulsive gambling and a banking career ran up a million-dollar tab.

THE SECOND SHIFT: Working Parents and the Revolution at Home by Arlie Hochschild with Anne Machung (Avon: $9.95). Sociologist examines how working couples manage an eight-hour day and come home to the full-time job of meeting family needs.

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