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Stallone's Stardom

November 11, 1990

Thank you for Christon's insightful article. I have admired Stallone's drive and career since he walked into my office as a virtual unknown starring in a tiny film called "Rocky."

As then-president of the Rogers & Cowan Motion Picture Division, I, along with my staff, had the assignment of publicizing "Rocky" and, ultimately, Stallone.

It was apparent from the first meeting that Stallone knew who he was; it was not apparent that he would become the biggest movie star in the world, but, as the early moguls of this industry always said, a star is born when the camera loves you and the audience loves you--and both did when he played the roles that were pure Stallone.

I always wonder why the media finds it necessary to look for more. Stallone is Stallone, and a very good one at that. "Macbeth"? "Richard III"? Leave them to Derek Jacobi, perhaps the greatest stage actor of our time (but) who just doesn't work on the screen.

Christon points out Sly's human side and the pain that goes with always being in a window. Maybe it will help the public understand what goes on when one becomes a "star."


Dale C. Olson & Associates

Beverly Hills

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