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MAKING IT WORK : Checking a Future Roommate

November 14, 1990|SHERRY ANGEL

Whether your roommate is a stranger or a friend, you're more likely to have a lasting living arrangement if you get to know each other better before you start sharing a home. Chris DeMassa, owner of the Roommate Connection in Costa Mesa, suggests you ask the following questions of a prospective roommate:

* Do you have children? Pets?

* Do you smoke?

* Do you have a stable income?

* Are you a neat freak? A slob?

* What is your work schedule?

* What are your interests or hobbies?

* How much time do you spend at home?

* How often do you invite friends over?

* How often do you have overnight guests?

* Can you provide references, and are you willing to sign a written agreement?

Personality conflicts can be as threatening to a roommate relationship as lifestyle differences, DeMassa stresses. That's why the Roommate Connection gives clients a personality test that includes such questions as: Do you like to have close relationships or do you prefer to remain distant? Do you try to take charge of things when you're with people or are you easily led by others? The more answers you can get before you move in together, the better.

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