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Growth-Control Program Adds 'Bonus' for Builders : Housing: The council tentatively approves an ordinance to allow developers to construct 25% more apartments when they combine lots.


In a postscript to an ambitious growth-control program approved last week, the Glendale City Council gave tentative approval Tuesday to an ordinance that would let developers build 25% more apartments or condominiums when they combine two or more lots.

The so-called "density bonus" originall1y was part of citywide zoning changes aimed at reducing by more than half the number of new multiple family units that can be built in the city.

That measure was adopted by the council last week, ending a two-year moratorium on new apartments and condominiums.

But at last week's meeting Councilwoman Ginger Bremberg said she could not approve the growth-control plan because the density bonus would allow at least 1,000 additional housing units.

The other council members agreed to delete the bonus measure last week so that they could vote unanimously for the growth curbs, which are designed to address traffic congestion and crowded schools that resulted from an apartment and condominium building boom.

During growth-control hearings held earlier this year, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce urged the city to grant a 50% density bonus to developers who combine lots. Chamber members said it would encourage construction of larger, better-designed projects with room for on-site managers.

When the council revived a 25% bonus plan Tuesday, Bremberg opposed it.

"I still feel very strongly that the developers and the Chamber of Commerce have no business writing ordinances for us," she said.

But Councilman Carl Raggio said: "This isn't the result of the chamber. This is the result of input from the community at large."

"The chamber does not dictate to me," Mayor Larry Zarian said. "They did not draft this ordinance."

Councilman Richard Jutras reintroduced the density-bonus ordinance, which will be returned for a final vote next week.

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