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FISHING NOTES : Anglers Enjoy a Late-Season Run of Yellowtail

November 15, 1990|DAN STANTON

A large body of squid floating off Redondo Canyon has sparked a wide-open late season yellowtail bite.

The squid invasion that normally occurs in abundance at Catalina Island from November to early March moved closer to mainland beaches with the warm current.

The South Bay party boat fleet has reported several 100-fish counts.

Anglers on three-quarter day and half-day boats fishing from rocky point to the horseshoe kelp have been catching 10-fish limits on most trips.

Fleet captains agree the yellowtail have been in the local kelp since the warm summer current arrived, but refused anchovies, sardines and jigs so no substantial numbers were caught until now.

Most of the fish caught locally are in the 18- to 20-pound class.

The overnight boats have been fishing San Clemente and Santa Barbara islands with live squid and finding the yellowtails in the 28- to 35-pound class.

L.A. Harbor Sportfishing's Shogun returned with yellowtails from 22 to 30 pounds on weekend trips.

Fishing aboard the Shogun on his first fishing trip, Gardena fisherman Eung Joo Yeon, 21, caught a 32 1/2-pound yellowtail and won the jackpot using 20-pound test line.

Steve Kohe of Redondo Beach was a close contender with a 31-pound yellowtail.

Prospects for an early winter white sea bass run could develop with this year's early squid migration.

Anglers on Redondo Sportfishing's Sea Spray, fishing at rocky point Monday, caught four white sea bass up to 30 pounds.

Three South Bay fishermen returned early Tuesday from fishing the Clarion Islands in Mexico aboard the Royal Star.

Chris Yamada of Manhattan Beach caught a yellowfin tuna that weighed 218 pounds.

Don Kiyuna of Torrance caught a 75-pound wahoo.

Clyde Misaka of Redondo Beach caught a 74-pound dorado.

King Harbor Marlin Club member Chuck White, fishing Tanner Bank from his boat Pacific Venture, caught a 26-pound yellowfin tuna using 20-pound test line.

Club member Linda Koconkes, fishing the kelp at Palos Verdes from her boat the Hi-Dry, caught a black sea bass estimated to weigh 25 pounds. She released it unharmed.

South Bay Catches: Trevor Gray of Redondo Beach, fishing off Santa Barbara aboard the Blackjack, caught the whopper of the week, a 37-pound yellowtail.

Henry Maeda of West Los Angeles, fishing at rocky point aboard the Sea Spray, caught a 33-pound white sea bass.

Pagneo La Ferrell of Torrance, fishing aboard the City of Redondo, caught a 25-pound yellowtail.

Sam Taira of West Los Angeles, fishing aboard the Monte Carlo at horseshoe kelp, caught a 24 1/2-pound yellowtail.

Selma Goldman of Long Beach, fishing at horseshoe kelp aboard the Hitless Miss, caught a 24-pound yellowtail.

Edward Hart of San Pedro, fishing at San Clemente Island aboard the Shogun, caught five yellowtail, the largest a 23-pounder.

Don Shearing of Palos Verdes, fishing at San Nicholas Island aboard the Condor, caught a 22-pound halibut.

Fish Reports: Yellowtail catches continue all along the South Bay fishing area. Island fishing for yellowtail with some bluefin tuna at Tanner Bank dominates the overnight boat catches.

At Marina del Rey Sportfishing: The Del Mar, fishing the bay, had a catch of 51 barracuda, 35 calico bass, 20 sculpin and three white sea bass.

The Happyman, on a half-day trip, returned with 100 sculpin, 15 bonito and five halibut.

The Betty O rock cod trip resulted in a catch of 280 rock cod and three lingcod.

At Redondo Sportfishing: The Sea Spray fished rocky point and returned with 161 yellowtail and eight bonito.

The Blackjack fished off Santa Barbara Island and returned with 127 yellowtail, 50 whitefish and 25 sheephead.

The City of Redondo, on a half-day trip, returned with 590 sculpin and 12 yellowtail.

The Isle of Redondo weekend total was 540 mackerel, 30 rockfish, 20 whitefish, 10 sculpin and nine bonito.

At 22nd Street Landing: The First String's trip to horseshoe kelp resulted in a catch of 77 yellowtail and 12 calico bass.

The New Image fished horseshoe kelp and returned with 40 yellowtail.

The Monte Carlo, on a half-day trip, returned with 47 yellowtail and 18 bonito.

At L.A. Harbor Sportfishing: The Sportking fished the rigs and returned with 73 yellowtail, 55 bonito and 38 calico bass.

The Matt Walsh, on a half-day trip, returned with 42 yellowtail, seven calico bass and three sheephead.

The Shogun's trip to San Clemente Island resulted in a catch of 111 yellowtail and 50 bull bass.

The Outerlimits worked San Clemente Island for 135 yellowtail and 75 bull bass.

The Pacifica returned Tuesday morning from a two-day trip to Tanner Bank with a catch of 144 calico bass, 67 yellowtail, 15 sheephead and five bluefin tuna.

The Annie B barge had weekend totals of 956 mackerel, 240 bonito, 75 kingfish and 14 sharks.

At Long Beach Sportfishing: The Victory's trip to rocky point resulted in a catch of 87 yellowtail and 25 calico bass.

The Southern Cal half-day trip caught 58 yellowtail and 22 calico bass.

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