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November 18, 1990


DAWN by V. C. Andrews (Pocket: $5.95). New series features an orphan whose quest is to locate the missing piece to a generational puzzle.

THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY by Kingsley Amis (Mysterious Press: $4.95). London murders knock the figurative block off a detective-novelist; and the more literal ones off female victims.

SORCERESS OF DARSHIVA by David Eddings (Del Rey: $5.95). Fourth in the continuing fantasy series of "The Malloreon."

THE OTHER SIDE by Mary Gordon (Penguin: $9.95). Ellen and Vincent McNamara, both 90, review their life commitment to one another since leaving Ireland; then they undertake one more--dying together.


THE HUSTONS by Lawrence Grobel (Avon: $12.95). They say good things come in threes, and this family has had a trio of Academy Award winners: Walter, John and Angelica.

THE SILENT BROTHERHOOD: Inside America's Racist Underground by Kevin Flynn and Gary Gerhardt (Signet: $5.95). Robert Jay Mathews' death closed the FBI file on the assassination of Denver deejay Alan Berg and exposed the activities of a notorious Neo-Nazi group.

ARMED & FEMALE by Paxton Quigley (St. Martin's: $4.50). Dilemmas faced by an increasing number of women who join some noted pistol-packing mamas like celebrity Cybill Shepherd, actress Betty Thomas and former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

PARADIGMS LOST: Tracking the Unanswered Mysteries of Modern Science by John L. Casti (Avon: $10.95). Mathematician argues the pros and the cons of accepted but unexplainable theories.

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