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Chance to Rethink Monarch Bay Future

November 18, 1990

Re "Japanese to Pay $100 Million in Dana Point Deal" (Nov. 10): I was angered to see that, in a decade of gridlock, diminishing untouched land and overdevelopment, California is in danger of losing yet more land to development.

Monarch Bay currently is one of few coastal areas not crammed full of buildings.

During the materialistic, careless '80s, plans were approved plans to bulldoze and develop the land. Now, by chance, the Dana Point City Council has been given another chance to rethink that decision.

Let the new decision reflect a new awareness and concern of the '90s, and keep foreign companies like Nippon Shinpan from destroying California's native beauty by overdeveloping.


Newport Beach

Re "Some Fear Development in Dana Point" (Nov. 5): I hope this wakes up the residents and business owners of this wonderful city to get involved.

I'm a resident and business owner who became involved because I care what is being planned for the future. There are many things this city needs and doesn't need. We can make the difference. Not three people on the City Council.

I'm a member of the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Retail Committee. I also chaired our Traffic Committee and participated in the Sign Committee. I have spent many hours telephoning our merchants to join me in attending various chamber and city meetings regarding issues that affect our business, including the general and redevelopment plans. But most of the time, very few attend.

The meeting dates are posted and publicized in local papers. If that is not enough, anyone can visit or call City Hall and obtain the information. They can also ask to be placed on the mailing list.

I understand and feel for the people who are concerned about the General/Redevelopment Plans for our city. Change is inevitable. This is why I became involved.

Remember, we are the ones that put our City Council members in office. They will listen and do their best.


Dana Point

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