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Health Concerns in Dump Debate

November 18, 1990

Our solution to dealing with trash in the San Gabriel Valley is by rail hauling of trash. We must dump our trash in rural areas instead of urban disposal sites. By dumping in heavily populated areas, we are gambling with comprehensive suicide. We must agree with the mayor of Azusa's statement, "The dump site could always be removed, but our water supply cannot be moved."

Today, the water table under the San Gabriel Valley has been recently found to be contaminated with 30% of 150 square miles of water being polluted. The Los Angeles County Medical Assn. rendered the medical opinion that the Azusa dump, with its 400% expansion directly over the water table, is a health hazard.

The City Council is divided on the issue of opposing its expansion. Mayor (Eugene F.) Moses and Councilman (Stephen J.) Alexander have opposed the expansion, while Councilmen (John R.) Dangleis, (Anthony) Naranjo and (Harry) Stemrich are for the expansion of the dump, supporting Browning Ferris.

This giant waste-disposal firm has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to elected officials. Special-interest money hurts local residents by encouraging decisions that are harmful to the public, and puts money into the pockets of the greedy, the rich and the unconcerned. Special interests are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sucking the blood out of our citizens and feeding themselves while at the same time they are claiming they are acting in the public interest.

If the truth be known, the special-interest landfill giants desire to let the public be damned, while they reap large profits. Everything that pertains to our health, does not concern them.

We should even be more concerned, considering that we are in the middle of a water shortage. Mayor Moses and Councilman Alexander have been criticized and insulted because of their stand against the expansion of the dump. They have always had the support of the people of Azusa, along with many residents of surrounding cities in the San Gabriel Valley. Keep up the fight to protect our water supply, and a well-deserved pat on the back for your good work so far.



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