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Turn In, Tune On, Speak Out : Here are Responses to the Oct. 28 Question: What Old Shows Should be Remade?

November 18, 1990

The show I would most like to see remade is "Hawaii Five-0." It was a high-quality police drama that didn't rely on car chases and half-dressed women instead of a solid plot. The writing was of consistently high quality and the actors fit their parts well, particularly Jack Lord as supercop Steve McGarrett.

In fact, it could be remade with Lord continuing to play McGarrett as the governor of Hawaii.

Kathy Harter, North Hollywood

In answer to your question about what old shows should be remade, I think one should be "Lost In Space" and another should be "The Fugitive."

Crystal Moore, Thousand Oaks

I'd love to see someone remake "The Fugitive." There was something about the story that kept myself, and I'll bet a lot of other people, interested in following the adventures of Dr. Richard Kimble played by the late David Janssen.

J.D. Jones, Simi Valley

As a fan of the series "Route 66S and George Maharis, I would like to see that show remade with Maharis and Martin Milner. It was outstanding in 1960 and would be as well in 1990.

Laurie Koff, Encino

With interest in extraterrestrials and UFOs soaring, it is time to bring back "The Invaders," the well-executed series from 1967 that focused on a young architect's quest to thwart an alien takeover of the world. Roy Thinnes, the star of that series, could take up where he left off, combatting the invasion.

Dr. Franklin R. Ruehl, Glendale

I feel that shows like "Gilligan's Island," "I Dream of Jeannie," "Bewitched" and "Magnum, P.I." should be remade because of their style, actors and originality.

Sally Martindale, Newport Beach

I would like to see a "Playhouse 90S series-and I don't mean Pee Wee's, although my kids love that- where television plays could be presented, each of them complete and individual, an hour long, like the early days of television.

Also, it would be refreshing to have a good variety show on once a week on a network where children's choruses, magicians, singers and other seldom-seen entertainers could perform.

Kitty Wills, Van Nuys

My answer to the show that should be remade is "Palmerstown, U.S.A." If remade, all of the original cast should be hired, if possible. The story and series is set in Palmerstown, Tenn., in 1935 and presents a view of life in a small town where whites and blacks co-exist for economic survival.

W.A. Scott, La Canada

I would like to see a classy remake of "Bewitched," along the same lines as "Star Trek: The Next Generation." What's happened through the years to the Stevens family? I'd love to see Whoopie Goldberg make a guest appearance as a nymph. Or Shirley MacLaine as a wacky aunt. How about Jack Nicholson as a replacement for Uncle Arthur? No one could replace Agnes Moorehead as the prank-playing mother (Endora). But someone along those lines could bring some new blood to the show.

Mac McCoy, Pasadena

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