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U.S. Aggression in Central America

November 18, 1990

Up to now I didn't know quite how to say it, but with a little help from our President I can now express myself. Don't accuse me of plagiarism; the stuff in quotes is from the kinder and gentler George.

"I've had it with cruelty" by our Contra mercenaries who "ransacked and pillaged a once peaceful and secure country, its population assaulted, incinerated and even murdered."

"I've had it with brutality against innocent people" in El Salvador and Guatemala and all the people who are being "starved by brutal dictatorships" supported by the United States.

"I've had it and I'm simply trying to have the American people understand how I feel about the brutality" of U.S. policies.

I suggest that "such an American President would play politics with the lives of American kids halfway around the world."

He has taken the initiative to have the United Nations Security Council declare Iraq responsible for its occupying Kuwait and to ask nations to prepare claims for financial compensation. Then it follows that now is the time for President Bush to go into court with clean hands and pay Nicaragua the $12-billion judgment levied against the United States by the World Court.



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