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Garvey, Rosemead Add 4th-Grade SANE Class

November 22, 1990|RUSSELL BEN-ALI

Rosemead fourth-graders will begin participating in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Substance Abuse Narcotics Education (SANE) program for the first time, now that city and school officials have approved more than $40,000 to fund the effort.

In all, 861 fourth-graders in the Garvey and Rosemead school districts will participate in the sessions, which sheriff's officials said probably will begin after Jan. 1.

The program, which teaches students how to resist alcohol, tobacco and marijuana and other drugs, consists of 20 lessons given to elementary school classes by teachers and sheriff's deputies, emphasizing positive role models, self-esteem and standing up to peer pressure.

SANE's curriculum is taught at different levels to accommodate students of various ages, Sheriff's Sgt. John Harris said.

Rosemead fifth- and sixth-graders have been participating in SANE since 1988. "It's an excellent program and I think the council has seen the benefits of expanding it," said Rosemead City Manager Frank G. Tripepi.

The Rosemead City Council unanimously voted last week to provide $30,630 toward the first year of expansion, with the money coming from the city's Narcotics Forfeiture and Seizure Fund.

The Garvey and Rosemead school districts will each contribute $5,000 toward the expansion effort's first year.

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