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Performances An Opinionated Guide

November 22, 1990|BILL LOCEY


* Mojo Hand (Hungry Hunter, 487 N. Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks, 497-3925) Industrial strength blues comes to the east county. Also Friday and Saturday.


* "Beatlemania" (Ventura Theatre, 26 S. Chestnut St., 648-1888) This is a copy of something original. But it is probably about as good as it gets since the remaining three Beatles seem in no danger of reuniting.


* John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Mama Roo (Ventura Theatre) Back in the mid-'60s, it seemed every British band was some sort of blues band--Mayall still has the blues. Mama Roo is this week's disco queen, making for a really weird double bill.


* Jawge & The Unknown Band (Eric Ericcson's, Seaward Avenue and the blue Pacific, Ventura, 643-4783) Reggae on the beach makes for the happening Sunday party.


* Matt Schulte and Bill Coffey (Charlie's, 362 California St., Ventura, 648-6688) These two folk singers, who use absolutely no electricity, do the Everly Brothers thing for Happy Hour, and also a bunch of memorable originals.

* Dan Pollock Band (Alexander's, 1050 Schooner Drive, Ventura, 658-2000) This week's Blue Monday presentation and also the antidote for the Bills and the Oilers.


* The Beautiful (Carnaval Club, 634 State St., Santa Barbara, 965-8422) This week's new and improved, happening, under-appreciated guitar band that you've never heard of.

* Joseppi's Wedding Band, Joseppi's (434 State St., Santa Barbara, 962-5516) There's at least eight people in the band; the tiny bar is packed with party animals. The band takes requests, and they know just about everything. It's a serious party, and Santa Barbara's Tuesday night best.


* Rob Wasserman and Bob Weir (Ventura Theatre) Wasserman is the bass player with a Grammy and Weir is the guitarist from the Grateful Dead. What a long strange trip it still is . . .

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