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The Gift Quotient Quiz

November 22, 1990

What's a grandparent to do? To discover your GQ (gift quotient) and stamina for shopping-mall madness, take this quiz.

1) Last year, grandparents bought:

a. 36% of "ride-on" toys powered by peddles or feet on the floor.

b. 20% of stuffed animals.

c. 23% of infant/preschool toys and 22% of all dolls.

d. 19% of action figures such as G.I. Joe.

e. 9% of video or high-tech toys.

2) If you don't buy the Mitsutendo Holographic Shazamarama Lazer Space Station (action figures and slime not included), your grandchildren:

a. will require therapy immediately.

b. will steal from the neighbors and buy it themselves.

c. will call the authorities.

d. will still love you.

e. will get over it.

3) This year you will:

a. follow your grown children's list and hope that you get what the grandchildren want.

b. refinance your house because no toy seems to cost less than $199.95.

c. spend the loot on a cruise instead.

d. just send money because you live far away and are baffled by the toy market.

e. give something special to each child that has personal meaning.


1) all of the above, according to the NPD Group, a marketing research company.

2) d, e. By not gratifying every request, you will retain the love and respect of your grandchildren. They will learn to accept limits, and who knows? Maybe the kiddies will save for things they want.

3) c, e. The cruise is a viable alternative, especially if you take the grandchildren. Making a gift or giving the child something personal can create wonderful memories.

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