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They'd Be Flies on Walls of JFK, Elvis, Ali, Hussein

November 22, 1990

Everybody has probably wanted to be "a fly on the wall" at least once in order to listen in on something not meant, particularly, for their ears.

Hot Topics wonders: "If you could eavesdrop on any conversation in history, which or whose would it be?"

"The talks between Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys, because this would answer the questions of how she got killed and if she and John really had an affair."

Trinh Nguyen, 17, senior, Valencia

"I'd like to hear Ronald Reagan and Oliver North talk over the Iran-Contra affair."

John Kim, 14, sophomore, Servite

"I'd like to hear Adam and Eve, because I want to see what their morals were really like."

Christopher Cipolla, 16, junior, Irvine

"What Jim Henson said to his first Muppet."

Mike Chen, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"The conversation between the astronauts in the Challenger and NASA right before they blew up."

Chris Kuhn, 14, freshman, Dana Hills

"I'd be interested to know what Hitler and his wife (Eva Braun) talked about before they committed suicide."

Amy Jordahl, 15, sophomore, Esperanza

"An appointment with Elvis and his doctor."

Jenna Sullivan, 14, freshman, Woodbridge

"A conversation between David Lynch and Mark Frost on how they would format 'Twin Peaks.' "

Say Rebuelta, 16, junior, Connelly

"Between Adam and Eve, because that's how the world began, how all the trouble began."

Jason Frates, 17, senior, Kennedy

"The conversation between Muhammad Ali and his coach in the locker room before his first championship fight."

Veus Givargis, 17, senior, St. Michael's

"I would like to have heard the Salem witch trials."

Allison Bell, 17, senior, Fullerton

"Rikki Rockett, Bret Michaels and Bobby Dall of Poison deciding between Slash (currently of Guns N' Roses) and C.C. DeVille for their new guitarist."

Julie Lindeboom, 16, junior, El Toro

"I wish I could hear how Jesus Christ decided to create man."

Kim Chamberlain, 17, junior, Century

"Talks between the doctors that performed John F. Kennedy's autopsy."

Elizabeth Recinos, 17, senior, Valencia

"When the forefathers of our country were writing the Declaration of Independence."

Jenny Matsler, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"I would want to hear Elvis Presley tell Priscilla he wants her back, because I really admired how much love they had for each other."

Christine Rasmussen, 16, junior, Irvine

"Cleopatra and Marcus Anthony."

Michele Mazzacavallo, 15, sophomore, Dana Hills

"Ghengis Khan the day before the battle of the Great Wall of China. It would be interesting to hear his strategy."

Brett Garden, 16, junior, Woodbridge

"Michael Jackson and his plastic surgeon."

Mona Jhawar and Heather Cox, 15, sophomores, Connelly

"I'd be captivated by the last conversation between the family of the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II, before they were all slaughtered by the Bolsheviks."

J.J. Prescott, 16, junior, Esperanza

"I would like to listen in on Alexander the Great when he was sick in bed."

Jason Chen, 14, freshman, St. Michael's

"I'd like to hear Henry Ford firing Lee Iacocca."

Dan Conway, 17, senior, Servite

"The conversation between the leaders of Japan before they attacked Pearl Harbor."

Chris Remy, 14, freshman, El Toro

"Lee Harvey Oswald's on how he collaborated and conspired to kill John F. Kennedy."

Chong Yi, 16, sophomore, Century

"The goings-on in the conversations between Saddam Hussein and his advisers. I would like to know how much of George Bush's feint he is taking seriously. On the other end, I would like to know what Bush's actions in troop deployment are and if Congress will stop him from possibly declaring war."

Matthew P. Huber, 17, senior, Valencia

"When Noah talked to God about making the ark."

Shawn Wehan, 15, sophomore, Dana Hills

"I would like to hear if Julius Caesar really did say 'Et tu, Brute?' at his death."

Eric Liu, 15, sophomore, St. Michael's

"A conversation between Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy on their first date."

Isabel Markl, 17, senior, Connelly

"Nixon's Watergate tapes."

Eric Swanson, 17, senior, El Toro

"Jesus Christ and God in the Garden of Gethsemane."

James Martin, 15, sophomore, Servite

"My ex-girlfriend's conversation with her best friend after we decided to break up."

Andy Garrett, 14, freshman, Esperanza

Next Week's Hot Topic:

What, if anything, should be censored and who should be empowered to do the censoring?

Responses gathered by Jason Welty (Century), Janet Bester (Connelly), Blythe Latimer (Cypress), Dana Wilshin (Dana Hills), Tiffany Chin (El Toro), Eric Billigmeier (Esperanza), Colleen Cruz (Fullerton), Sonal Kapadia (Irvine), Jean Paik (Kennedy), Trisha Ginsburg (Los Alamitos), Dan Alvarado (St. Michael's), Brian Martin (Servite), Lani Kent (Sonora), Michael Chen (Valencia) and Katy Leeper (Woodbridge).

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