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Food That Won't Go Bad

November 23, 1990|KATHIE JENKINS

James Beard Collection

14509 Falling Leaf Court Darnestown, Md . 20878

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"If it's good enough to eat, it's good enough to wear." So says S. David Brookes, a gem and jewelry expert who, along with jewelry maker Jan Palombo, has cooked up a new line of whimsical sterling silver jewelry.

His four-page menu is very tasteful--and has something to please almost every appetite. Meat eaters will appreciate the big pig pendant ($87.50). Seafood fanciers will find an immense array of items including a crab pin inside a mother of pearl shell ($62.50) and a carp pin ($49.95). Side dishes include pea-pod earrings--the peas are rendered in trendy malachite ($79.95), and a carrot pin in sterling and bronze ($44.95). Dessert lovers will want to splurge on ice cream cone earrings ($89.95) in three flavors: chocolate (brown jade), vanilla (snow agate) and strawberry (rose quartz).

For the cook, there's a fine selection of tools of the trade. The church key tie tack ($14.95) and the kitchen equipment pin in sterling with agate and onyx trim ($54.95) are particularly useful as conversation starters.

But this is more than just a lot of pretty pins and earrings. A percentage of the profits goes to the James Beard Foundation, a nonprofit educational organization that maintains Beard's Greenwich Village home as a national culinary center. You can obtain an illustrated menu with prices and order form by writing the James Beard Collection at the above address.

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