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Bias Against Real Choice

November 23, 1990

I was stunned by Jack Cheevers' Oct. 28 article about the 20th senatorial district campaign. Several times it refers to Robbins' opponent being Podegracz. Nonsense!

Podegracz has raised zero money and has done no campaigning. Only because he hides behind the veneer of "Republican" do you mention him at all. Were Hitler running as a Republican, and I as a Libertarian, you would favor the Republican.

Compare, please, my campaign with that of Podegracz. I paid nothing in filing fees, having walked hundreds of precinct blocks in search of nominating signatures. I have received donations from beyond the borders of the 20th district. My signs are posted all over the east half of the Valley. Numerous people have re-registered Libertarian in order to support my campaign. Can Podegracz make a similar claim?

With your blatantly bigoted approach to news, is it any wonder that people with genuinely unique approaches to California's problems are choked out of a free exchange of ideas? What have you done in this election to promote free and open dialogue? Nothing.

The Times has clearly revealed its bias against real choice.



Mirken was the Libertarian candidate for the state Senate seat held by Alan Robbins of Tarzana .

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