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Chianti in Riverside?


Mt. Palomar Winery in Temecula harvested a small quantity of Sangiovese grapes in September, and will make a red wine out of the grape of the Chianti region of Italy.

Peter Poole, general manager of the winery in southern Riverside County, said the winery crushed 1.5 tons of the variety, yielding just more than four barrels of wine. Mt. Palomar grafted somewhat over an acre of vines to Sangiovese in 1989 and got a small crop in 1990.

Very little Sangiovese is planted in California. Trentadue, Robert Pepi and Atlas Peak are among the few California producers who have made a Sangiovese in the past, but interest in the variety is increasing.

Haywood Winery in Sonoma announced it will relocate in Kenwood at the Kunde Estate Winery, which is nearing completion, and that Ravenswood Winery has signed a lease-option to acquire the Haywood property.

Peter Haywood said his principal source of grapes would continue to be Los Chamizal Vineyard, in which he retains ownership.

Responding to a new law passed by the European Economic Community restricting certain terms in wine bottles, Italy has adopted the term classimo to designate sparkling wine produced by the French methode champenoise.

The term methode champenoise has appeared on some bottles of Italian sparkling wine, but EEC rules now restrict that term to sparkling wine made in France.

EEC also restricts the term Champagne from appearing on any wine other than those made in the Champagne region of France.

Nestle Enterprises said Walter Klenz, formerly senior vice president of finance/operations, was chosen to be president of Wine World Estates, parent company of Beringer Vineyards and other wine brands, replacing E. Michael Moone, who was promoted to president of Stouffer Foods Corp. in Solon, Ohio.

Wine of the Week

Bouvet Rubis Excellence: ($13.50) --This is a delightful change-of-pace wine and one that recalls a story of an old friend who went to his mother's house each Thanksgiving and was served a red Cold Duck. "It was a headache in a bottle," he said. "Sweet and yucky. I'll never drink another red, sweet, bubbly wine." He might drink this one. It is red; it is sweet, to be sure, but it's well balanced. Rubis is a blend of 60% Cabernet Franc and 40% Gamay, made from grapes grown in Anjou and Touraine. The bubbles are fine and persistent and the taste is rich. Pair it with sweeter foods (duck in orange or cherry sauce, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce) or serve it after dinner with slightly sweet cookies for a rare treat.

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