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Censorship Is Rejected by Teen-Agers Polled, 17 to 8

November 29, 1990

The ties that bind can sometimes gag, too.

Attempts at censorship are often undertaken for the good of the public, but what about the counter argument? Do we not have the right to be exposed to anything and everything and then make up our own minds?

Hot Topics wonders, "What, if anything, should be censored and who should be empowered to do the censoring?"

"No one has the right to censor anything because we live in the United States, where people have the freedom to do as they please as long as it does not harm anyone else."

Pam Kuramorohit, 15, junior, Villa Park

"Nothing but foul and abusive language should be censored by a group of young teachers, i.e., a censorship board."

Steve Mastropaolo, 17, senior, Mater Dei

"I can't think of anything to be censored, but it doesn't mean that there's nothing out there to be censored. The general public should get the authority to censor."

Teri Lo, 16, junior, University

"Nothing should be censored . . . just let it be."

Tarek Captan, 15, sophomore, La Habra

"Bad language on daytime shows should be censored because of the kids who watch them. An elected official should do the censoring."

Young Oh, 18, senior, El Modena

"A person should censor what he thinks, rather than other people telling them what he can't do or say."

Jay Cecil, 15, sophomore, St. Margaret's

"No one has the power to censor anything because everyone has the right to self-expression and freedom of speech and choice."

Royce Lin, 17, junior, Villa Park

"Censorship is a sign of fear and weakness on the part of the censor. If it was obliterated, artists, musicians and writers wouldn't be so intent on creating the shocking, and censorship would no longer be necessary to protect the easily offended."

Amy Happ, 16, junior, Mater Dei

"Pornography should be censored because it's unnecessary overexposure of female body parts."

Ucilia Wang, 17, senior, University

"Nothing should be censored, especially when it comes to music."

Frank Su, 17, senior, El Modena

"The Supreme Court should be empowered to censor things that can warp kids' minds, like TV shows with bad language and violence. Especially when kids watch TV the most, like from when school lets out to the time they go to bed."

Mark Gonzales, 17, senior, La Habra

"Nothing should be censored for people over 18; everything should be censored by parents for their own kids."

Sabrina Shaw, 17, senior, University

"Censorship is for a bunch of idiots who take everything seriously when it is not so serious."

Ryan Scubla, 14, sophomore, St. Margaret's

"Censorship doesn't ensure the right to express one's opinion freely. No one person holds the right to determine who and what should be censored."

Shannon Wolff, 18, senior, Mater Dei

"Things that offend people should be censored, and the public should decide."

Julia Beak, 17, senior, El Modena

"Nothing should be censored. We should be able to have freedom of speech, and having things censored is taking that right away."

Stephanie Kelly, 15, sophomore, La Habra

"As Americans, we the people have been given the freedom of speech by the First Amendment, and freedoms such as the First Amendment are what make this country so great."

Shawn Wyms, 17, senior, Mater Dei

"Nothing should be censored. People should do their own censoring. They should choose what they watch or do."

Dan Young, 15, junior, St. Margaret's

"Music should not be censored because we have the choice to listen to whatever music we enjoy listening to."

John Lee, 14, freshman, Villa Park

"If you were to have one person deciding what should be censored, it would be his or her own opinion, and we are individuals."

Star Johnson, 14, freshman, St. Margaret's

"Jesse Helms should be censored on general principle."

Ian Fagan, 16, junior, University

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should have the choice to listen, read or watch whatever they have the desire to."

Mike Ting, 16, junior, Villa Park

"Just as no one has the right to decide another person's destiny, no person should be able to withhold information from another. As long as something is true and not libelous, it should be available for review."

Jon Tkach, 17, senior, Mater Dei

"The producers of certain TV shows should have the right to censor their own programs if they are inappropriate for young audiences."

Cathy Gonzales, 15, sophomore, Los Amigos

"To censor a person's own words and beliefs is wrong. Nobody should have the power to say what is right and wrong."

Michelle Brown, 17, senior, St. Margaret's

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Responses gathered by Lauren Walden (El Modena), Elaine Ust (La Habra), Shelly Insheiwhe (Los Amigos), Candace Purvis (Mater Dei), Brooke Lyons (St. Margaret's), Claudine Ko (University) and Heather Lee (Villa Park).

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