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Culver City : Zone Change Deferred

November 29, 1990

Responding to concerns from 20 angry residents of Mildred Avenue, the City Council deferred the granting of a zone change for construction of an office building on their block until the developer comes back to the council with plans that would shift the driveway for the building from Mildred Avenue to Washington Boulevard.

Plans for the three-story office complex had already been approved by the Planning Commission, and the council was to rule on whether to grant a change from a residential to a limited commercial zone.

Residents were concerned that having the driveway on Mildred Avenue would increase traffic on the street.

"It's a quiet street, relatively speaking, and we would like to keep it that way," said Jerry Kaye, who organized residents on the street.

A traffic engineer hired by the developer said that putting the driveway on Washington Boulevard would be more dangerous for cars making left turns out of the parking lot.

Several residents expressed anger that they had not been notified of the project. According to city ordinance, notification is required only for property owners within 300 feet of any proposed construction or zone change.

The architect for the building, who was present at the meeting, said he would come back to the Planning Commission in December with plans that include a driveway on Washington Boulevard. The request for a zone change will then come before the council at its first meeting in January.

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