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Wimpy Burger King

December 01, 1990

Howard Rosenberg's Nov. 14 column, "Burger King Bows to TV Watchdogs," regarding the boycott of the chain by a bunch of fundamentalist zealots, raised my gorge to unprecedented levels.

A few years ago, Jerry Falwell's gang did a similar number on 7-Eleven's parents, the Southland Corp., with similar results. . . . The wimps in the head office caved in to a vocal minority hellbent on controlling every aspect of our lives from our bedrooms (especially our bedrooms) to our books, our entertainment and even our concepts of God and personal values.

"Traditional family values" is the buzz phrase. They include the literal interpretation of the Bible, the embracing of "Creation Science," homophobia, censorship of music, drama and literature, an absolute banning of abortion and the submission of self to the dogma of the man currently in the pulpit.

For some, these "values" are fine, providing they are kept within the four walls of their homes and their tax-exempt temples.

But I , for one , do not accept these precepts, and I'm outraged at the power wielded by these practitioners of an aberrant religion.

Burger King and 7-Eleven should be boycotted . . . by everyone who understands corporate cowardice and the real agenda of the fundamentalist zealot.



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