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Polystyrene Industry Says It Is Improving Living Standards, but Not Everyone Agrees

December 02, 1990

As a consumer who is very concerned about the protection of our planet, why in the hell should I even consider respecting this product?

* It makes hazardous waste. Styrene, polystyrene's main ingredient, was ranked as the fifth-worst hazardous waste producer in the United States.

* It destroys the ozone layer. CFCs and "newer" foaming agents used in polystyrene production cause ozone depletion and smog.

* It poisons our health. Styrene is a public health hazard; it is toxic. Studies show that styrene leaches into foods, especially hot liquids. Think before you drink your hot coffee out of a Styrofoam cup this morning.

* It kills wildlife. Sea birds in particular mistake polystyrene for food and die as a result of ulcers, suffocation and malnutrition.

* It is not biodegradable. Polystyrene lasts for hundreds of years.

How about a little respect for our children and their children, who will have to endure the environmental mess left behind if we, the American consumers, continue to be duped and deceived by big industry.



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