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Some Cities Seem to Twist Rules to Allow Growth

December 02, 1990

Re: "New Council Majority Takes a Softer Line on Growth" (Times, Nov. 18). The article is alarming as cities surrounding Monterey Park are also experiencing similar situations, where the lack of expertise in city planning is quite evident.

The city of Alhambra is allowing the rampant tearing down of existing homes and their replacement with multiple dwelling complexes and huge office buildings are being constructed at busy intersections.

The city of South Pasadena has been allowing property owners to build granny-flat apartments on their garages on residential lots, without the required setbacks, over legal height limit and without a building permit!

"Public hearings" have been held at which retroactive building permits have been granted along with zone variances for changing residential lots to income property and the required setback allowance and height limit have been amended.

To block completion of the Pasadena (710) Freeway, the city moved a house too huge to a tiny, irregular-shaped lot that dwarfs all other dwellings around it, and its front porch steps touch the sidewalk!

Parking and traffic congestion in both cities have become a nightmare! All this in the name of "progress?"


South Pasadena

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