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U.S. and Japan Embody 'World's Greatest Imbalance' : JAPAN

December 02, 1990

"Although the U.S. exercises international political leadership, its economy is in utter disarray. And although Japan continues to enjoy a strong economy, its performance in international politics has been dismal at best. This is truly the world's greatest imbalance."

--Iwao Nakatani, professor of economics, in the Japan Economic Journal.

"When Russian tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia, the people were crying, 'Where are the Americans?' And I don't think I was the only one who wished there was something America could do when the tanks rolled into Tian An Men Square.

"In our hearts, we still look to America as the savior--and sometimes America feels threatened enough to act."

--Letter to the Mainichi Daily News.

"The country that beat Detroit at its own game now finds itself inundated with junked cars and nowhere to put them. There are fewer junkyards to strip and salvage parts because of a decline in profits.

"Making matters worse, consumers are buying new cars and scrapping old ones more frequently, reflecting a booming Japanese economy."

--Asahi Shimbun.

"We taught the Americans a lesson. No longer can Americans assume their brand of baseball is best. Maybe it's time for a real world series between the Americans and Japanese."

--Television sportscaster after Japan's All-Star team won its fourth straight game against the United States.

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