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Don't Ax Yule Tree Sales

December 03, 1990

The recent decision by Judge Janavs to bar Joe Cicero from selling Christmas trees on the leased Pierce College property is indecent, to say the least.

The judge is a jerk.

In past years, I bought produce of high quality at the previous Cicero location. Beyond the family's dedication to good stuff offered at reasonable prices was their dedication to providing an aura of pleasure to children.

Free popcorn and Kool-Aid; goats and rabbits and ducks and pigs and other animals that the kids could watch, talk to and pet. All the animals were clean, well-fed and cared for.

The kids loved the free ride through the crop fields, sitting on bales of hay on a big trailer drawn by an old tractor manned by a good-natured Cicero employee.

And now, a major source of needed income for the Ciceros has been threatened by a disastrous judgment by the court.

Concerned Valley residents arise. Prevent this tragedy. I'm going to send a check for a tree to be donated to anyone who cannot afford one. Just do it.

Happy Christmas.

KEN P. JOHNSON, Studio City

(Superior Court Judge Dzintra I. Janavs' decision was reversed on appeal Thursday.)

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