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COMEDY : Picking Up on Our Peeves

December 06, 1990|M.E. WARREN | M.E. Warren is a free-lance writer who regularly contributes to The Times Orange County Edition.

There's something funny going on in Orange County.

It's the Orange County Crazies, a fledgling troupe of 12 intrepid comics.

"It's Not Easy Bein' Orange" is the company's third outing as OC's comic conscience, and the 16-skit show rolls over many of our suburban pet peeves, including automated phone services and women's fashion. Subtlety is not on the bill of fare, and the quality of the selections is uneven, but a good belly laugh is worth waiting for.

And anyone who can't get a guffaw out of Dee Dee Hanson and Lauri Johnson as ladies with "too much shoulder pad" is nigh unto hopeless. Or LizAnne as a teary, tuneful Imelda Marcos. Of course, you've got to sit through some stuff that's only silly to get the big laughs, but the Crazies give you a chance to get into the act. A quartet of tacky lounge singers does request numbers in any style you desire. Our audience got a punk rock version of "Waltzing Matilda."

The Crazies themselves come from all over Orange County. They are a diverse and dedicated group whose other lives see them working as everything from a neonatal specialist to a Wendy's restaurant manager. Founded by Cherie Kerr, the company is not yet 2 years old, yet it is looking forward to moving into its own performance space in Santa Ana in the near future.

Kerr, who produces, directs and writes much of the Crazies' material, seems to have created a company whose time has come.

And life in the big city being what it is, a laugh at ourselves is always timely.

Tickets for "It's Not Easy Bein' Orange" are reportedly scarce, but if you miss this one, there's a new revue coming in early '91 entitled "Orange on a Hot Tin Roof."

What: "It's Not Easy Bein' Orange."

When: Saturdays through Dec. 15.

Where: Fine Arts Room A301, Irvine Valley College, 5500 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine.

Whereabouts: San Diego Freeway to Irvine Center Drive exit. Turn left at the end of the ramp if you're coming from the south, right if you're coming from the north.

Wherewithal: $10.

Where to Call: (714) 840-1406.

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