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Measure Would Require Public Comment Before a Board Vote

December 15, 1990|Jerry Gillam | Times staff writer

Under legislation introduced in the state Senate, city councils and county boards of supervisors would be required to give the public a chance to comment on agenda items before official consideration or a vote can be taken.

Although state law presently requires an opportunity for public comment, it does not specify whether it should come before, during or after a public body considers an item.

"Several of my constituents have expressed outrage that some public bodies take comment only after voting on an item," said Sen. Bill Lockyer (D-Hayward), the author of the measure (SB 100). "This bill makes it clear that such comment must come before consideration of an item."

Lockyer's legislation was prompted by a recent decision of an advisory committee of the East Bay Regional Park District to use pregnant deer for an experiment on Lyme disease. The committee allowed public comment only after it had voted on the proposal, the Northern California lawmaker said. GOVERNOR Bills Signed

Oil Spills: SB 7 by Sen. Barry Keene (D-Benicia) requires the State Board of Equalization to collect a 25-cent oil spill response fee for each barrel of oil received at marine terminals, beginning Feb. 25, 1991.

Garment: AB 42 by Assemblyman Tom Hayden (D-Santa Monica) adds numerous occupational health and safety requirements to the state labor code pertaining to garment manufacturers. ASSEMBLY Bill Introduction

Employment Board: AB 142 by Assemblyman Dave Elder (D-San Pedro) would require gubernatorial appointees to the Public Employment Relations Board to have knowledge and competence in labor relations. SENATE Bill Introductions

Hate Crimes: SB 98 by Lockyer would increase the punishment for the conviction of crimes motivated by a victim's race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin or sexual orientation.

Fire: SB 96 by Sen. Gary Hart (D-Santa Barbara) would allow victims of last June's Santa Barbara fire to carry over tax deductions on losses for up to five years. MISCELLANY

New Job: Gov. George Deukmejian's press secretary, Bob Gore, has been appointed vice president of communications for the Assn. of California Insurance Cos. A former Times reporter, Gore, 40, also served as press spokesman for the departments of Transportation and Corrections during the Deukmejian years.

Capital Fact

The official state reptile is the desert tortoise.

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