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A Special 'Thanks' to Those Who Cared

December 18, 1990

Joseph Bell's column in the Nov. 11 View focused on Hershell Hardimon, a man who collects and distributes food for the needy. This is Hardimon's response to the story.

I would like to express a big "thank you" to each of the people who helped me so much with donations of food, clothes and cash. There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation, but I am going to try.

Thanks so much to:

* Beacon Bay Enterprises for allowing me to collect donations here.

* All my customers for their support and understanding when I left you stranded in the shoeshine chair to accept donations.

* All the new faces and business people who left their card and said, "call me, let me know what you need. I want to help."

* All my beautiful "seniors" who are so special to me.

* My personal "doughnut man."

* Rams football players who took their holiday time to stop by and help.

A super thanks to Joe Bell and Mark Boster from The Times (Orange County Edition). Also to Matt Stevens and the crew from KCAL-Channel 9.

Without all of them, a lot of you beautiful people would never have known about my dream of helping.

A very special "thank you" to Vons supermarket of Woodbridge, because without their support we could never have accomplished so much.

All of us working and giving together made this Thanksgiving very special for so many homeless and less fortunate families. I only wish each of you could have been with my wife and me to see the smiles of the little ones and the sparkle of hope in the eyes of the adults.

I realize that the holidays are a special time. However, hunger and poverty do not have a special season, and, with your continued support, we can make all year a little easier and happier for so many.

I would like to leave you with a thought that my family and I try to live by: "God never gives you a dream or challenge without giving you the strength and resources to carry it out." Each of you are my strength and resource He has provided.

God bless each of you and yours.

Call me or stop by if you would like to help, or if you know of someone who could use a little help. Together we're a GREAT team.


Fountain Valley

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