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Betting With Surelock : The Silicon Sleuth

December 22, 1990

SURELOCK lost $190 when his key horse in the seventh race, Shirley's Seven, finished third at 14-1. The computer will go to the whip today, betting a $120 triple, Navajo Storm in the seventh to Jabalina Brown to Big Warning; a $20 triple using High Purpose in the seventh; a $40 exacta, Jabalina Brown to Cascading Gold; a $20 exacta, Jabalina Brown to Mystical Lass, and a $10 box using the three.

SURELOCK's Thu. Bankroll: $1,184

Friday's Loss: $190

Current Bankroll: $994

Bob Mieszerski has pulled away from SURELOCK in the stretch, hitting his triple for the second consecutive day and earning $189. Bob's bets for today are a $40 exacta, Big Warning to Cove Dancer in the ninth, and a $20 exacta, Big Warning To Ruff And Rum. Also, a $15 exacta, Cove Dancer to Big Warning, and a $10 exacta, Ruff And Rum to Big Warning.

Bob's Fri. Bankroll: $1,768.20

Friday's Profit: $189

Current Bankroll: $1,957.20

Both started with $2,000 bankrolls.

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