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Superstitious NFL Personnel Find Reuben Means Good Luck

December 23, 1990|TED BROCK

The National Livestock and Meat Board released the results of its survey of National Football League players and coaches. It came as no surprise that ham on wheat with American cheese, tomato and mayo was the favorite deli-meat sandwich, racking up a convincing 18% among those responding.

Edelman Worldwide, the Chicago public relations firm handling the NLMB account, is to be commended for its tasteful handling of a delicate sub-topic.

Said the firm's release: "The reuben sandwich made with corned beef was singled out as the 'good luck' sandwich by both an assistant coach for the Buffalo Bills and a halfback for the Los Angeles Rams."

Both of whom presumably requested anonymity.

Trivia time: Aside from having attended Brigham Young University, what do Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Jim McMahon and San Francisco 49er quarterback Steve Young have in common?

Justification enough: Reporting the Golden State Warriors' recent victory at Orlando, Jeff Chapman of the Oakland Tribune wrote: "(Tim) Hardaway couldn't justify his poor shooting game. 'I was just missing,' he said."

Man of marble: The "where they are now" section of Pro Legends, the official newsletter of the NFL Alumni, recently reported that a former Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker Tom Graves is the general manager of his family's business in Virginia Beach, Va. . . . Graves Funeral Home.

No joking matter: Rich Cimini of Newsday reported recently that New York Jet Coach Bruce Coslet was excited about rookie quarterback Troy Taylor, who led a 61-yard touchdown drive in the final minutes of last Sunday's 29-21 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Coslet said he will start Ken O'Brien today against the New England Patriots. Cimini asked whether Taylor would play if the Jets open a big lead.

Said Coslet: "I can't foresee us having a big lead. I'm not kidding, either."

Downside of the coin: A recent Morning Briefing item took note of San Francisco running back Spencer Tillman's uncanny ability to win coin tosses by calling "Tails," as he did before the 49ers drove for the touchdown that beat Cincinnati in overtime on Dec. 9.

Leslie Hammond of the NFL office points out that in the 10 overtime games played this season, the team that won the overtime coin toss won the game only three times.

And the 49ers' victory over the Bengals was the only time a team began the overtime by driving for a score.

Off probation: Since 1972, Charlie Baillie has built a record of 83-82 as football coach at McGill University in Montreal.

That's more victories than any coach in the school's 116-year history, so you've got to think the university is happy with Baillie's performance.

Friday, Baillie signed a three-year contract, becoming McGill's first full-time coach since 1970. He's been part-time for 19 years.

Trivia answer: Each has attempted and completed only one pass this season.

Quotebook: Philadelphia defensive tackle Mike Golic, on Eagle Coach Buddy Ryan's approach to his team's game with Dallas today: "Buddy doesn't have many rules, but one of them is don't lose to the Cowboys."

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