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Betting With Surelock : The Silicon Sleuth

December 23, 1990

SURELOCK, zeroing in on a rare all-turf triple opportunity, lost $260 Saturday when he picked two winners but Jabalina Brown finished fourth in the eighth race. The computer reluctantly will sandwich two dirt races around today's turf feature, betting $60 triples of Earth Angel and War Commandress in the seventh to Mucho Precious and Wide Colony to Classic Motion and Shayne A Dam.

SURELOCK's Sat. Bankroll: $994

Saturday's Loss: $260

Current Bankroll: $734

Bob Mieszerski, who lost $30, will bet $10 exacta boxes, Vaguely Charming-Earth Angel and Vaguely Charming-War Commandress in the seventh.

Bob's Sat. Bankroll: $1,957.20

Saturday's Loss: $30

Current Bankroll: $1,927.20

Both started with $2,000 bankrolls.

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