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AROUND THE NFL : Tolliver's Benching Is Called a Lesson

December 26, 1990| Associated Press

Dan Henning, coach of the San Diego Chargers, says the benching of Billy Joe Tolliver for the season finale against the Raiders at the Coliseum should be taken as a message by the entire team.

"Position by position, we're looking for the right guys," Henning said. "Some of those that are (on the team) now may not be the right guys."

Henning said that rookie John Friesz will start Sunday.

Tolliver threw crucial interceptions late in the fourth quarter of consecutive losses to the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs.

"I think Tolliver has a future as a quarterback in this league and can win," Henning said. "He has gotten to the point where he does many things far and above from what you'd expect a second-year quarterback to be able to do in his development. But he still has a track record in the last part of the game in a number of situations of not making the play that has to be made."

To Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Bubby Brister, there is nothing like a dome.

Two years ago, Brister played one of the best games in his career, passing a 5-11 Steelers' team to a 37-34 upset in Houston that helped knock the Oilers out of the playoffs.

Last year, after Houston beat Pittsburgh twice in the regular season, Brister directed the Steelers to a 26-23 overtime upset in Houston in the AFC wild card game.

On Sunday night, the Steelers (9-6) and Oilers (8-7) meet in the Astrodome to decide the AFC Central championship.

"I like it in domes," Brister said. "The ball travels true and you don't have to worry about bad weather."

After struggling with his weight for years, the Chicago Bears' William Perry seems to have it under control.

His improved play is one of the reasons the Bears are 11-4. The slim-downed Perry, officially listed at 325 pounds, is moving more quickly--and is sixth on the team in solo tackles with 37.

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