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The Year in Food : INS & OUTS

December 27, 1990

One year you're on all the best-dressed plates in town; the next, you're no better than the kiwi, just another worn-out food cliche.

IN: Designer pizzas at home.

OUT: Designer pizzas in restaurants.

IN: Celebrity pasta sauces.

OUT: Celebrity salad dressings.

IN: Antipasto.

OUT: Hors d'oeuvres.

IN: Celery.

OUT: Ultra Slim Fast.

IN: 1% milk.

OUT: 2% milk.

IN: Sugar.

OUT: Honey.

IN: Grilled tuna sandwich.

OUT: Tuna salad sandwich.

IN: Barley salad.

OUT: Pasta salad.

IN: Sun-dried cherries.

OUT: Sun-dried tomatoes.

IN: California delis.

OUT: New York delis in California.

IN: Pupusas.

OUT: Fajitas.

IN: Steak tartare.

OUT: Salmon tartare.

IN: Hamburgers--plain.

OUT: Hamburgers--with more than five toppings.

IN: Oysters from the Pacific Northwest.

OUT: Oysters from the Gulf.

IN: Fresh Alaskan spot prawns.

OUT: Frozen tiger shrimp.

IN: Pudding.

Out: Creme brulee .

IN: Poached or sauteed fruit.

OUT: Tirami su.

IN: Fresh figs and dates.

OUT: Raspberries, especially golden raspberries.

IN: Ricotta.

OUT: Mascarpone.

IN: Baby muffins.

OUT: Giant muffins.

IN: Cocktails.

OUT: Wine by the glass.

IN: Grappa carts.

OUT: Liqueur carts.

IN: Premium bourbon.

OUT: Premium vodka.

IN: Beer in big bottles.

OUT: Beer in the usual 12-ounce bottles.

IN: Home-brewed espresso.

OUT: Flavored coffees.

IN: Loose tea.

OUT: Teabag tea.

IN: Plain yogurt.

OUT: Flavored yogurt.

IN: Kiddie frozen dinners.

OUT: Hungry Man dinners.

IN: Garlic.

OUT: Elephant garlic.

IN: Iceberg lettuce--extra crisp.

OUT: Designer lettuce.

IN: Cloud ear and enoki mushrooms.

OUT: Shiitake mushrooms.

IN: Dark leafy greens (kale, mustard).

OUT: Broccoli.

IN: Bones.

OUT: Boneless anything.

IN: Baby olives.

OUT: Kalamata olives.

IN: Imported prosciutto.

OUT: Domestic prosciutto.

IN: Hard-crust bread.

OUT: Soft-crust bread.

IN: All-You-Can-Eat restaurants.

OUT: Soup and half a sandwich.

IN: Surgical gloves for chefs.

OUT: Baseball caps for chefs.

IN: No garnish.

OUT: Edible flowers.

IN: Yellow squash.

OUT: Zucchini.

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