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Where San Gabriel Valley Shops : Snapshots At The Mall

December 27, 1990

"In the daytime, I look out for ditchers. In the evening, it's shoplifters, gang members and drunk people. . . . There's a lot of car thefts. At Christmastime, it'll pick up, like once or twice a week.

"The kids come to hang out, kill time. Then they go back to their other classes. I have to use my own judgment. Confront him and ask what school he goes to. Usually they lie. It happens just about every weekday, with guys and girls. . . . I did it, I'll admit it. I never got caught, but I did get in trouble with school and my parents.

"There are quite a few (gang) fights, when they throw signs back and forth. If we see any problems we throw them out."

George Rodriguez, 18, Christmas season

security guard at The Plaza at West Covina

"There's nowhere else to hang out in Glendora. Where else can you go, seriously? Raging Waters is closed.

"I do crazy things. We got kicked out for hanging over the balcony and spitting one time. But we drop ice cubes more than spitting. Other times, you know how there are pay phones all over the mall? We'll find one on each side and write down the numbers and call each other. People will be, like, waiting in line while we talk. Then we'll drop the phones and switch places. This is a lot of fun."

Mike Sousa Jr., 16, of Glendora, while

"hanging" at The Plaza at West Covina

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