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Performances An Opinionated Guide

December 27, 1990|BILL LOCEY


Something For Nothing (Charlie's, 362 California St., Ventura, 648-6688) Raucous original rock 'n' roll. They have tapes too.

Eddie Money (Ventura Theatre, 26 S. Chestnut St., Ventura, 648-1888) He used to be a cop, now he's a rich rock star. It'll probably sell out--don't ask me why.

Pat, Fin & Greg (Alex's Cantina, 634 State St . , Santa Barbara, 966-0032) Acoustic folk rock, heavy on the Beatles and other '60s pop groups by three dudes who can really sing.

Leo Downey Band (The Ketch, 514 State St . , Santa Barbara, 564-3231) All original rock by this sleeveless rocker whom the girls stare at as if he were a pork chop. Also Friday.


Irie (Charlie's) "Irie" means "freedom"; it also means reggae.

Dread Zeppelin (Ventura Theatre) Get ready to laugh--it's Led Zeppelin songs done as reggae sung by an Elvis impersonator. You'll still be laughing three days later.

The Pontiax (Alex's Cantina) The best blues band around does it for the home folks.


Exodus (Ventura Theatre) It's a speed metal onslaught, so put on those combat boots, stick that fist in the air and practice putting a few more "u's" in duuuuuuude.

One Love Vibration (Long Bar, 111 State St . , Santa Barbara, 564-1215) Industrial strength reggae comes to the beach with Ras David and his musical pals.

Leo Downey (Brewhouse Grill, 202 State St . , Santa Barbara, 963-3090) The homemade beer is as original as Leo, only much stronger.


Maelstrom (Charlie's) Drew, the bartender, says these guys are cool, so they must be.

Michael On Fire (Joseppi's, 434 State St . , Santa Barbara, 962-5516) Folk, rock and blues combine in strange and interesting ways by the best unsigned band I've ever seen.


I-Rails (Charlie's) Great Ventura guitar-power pop band featuring some happening and heartfelt vocals by Chris O'Connor and some nifty guitar playing from Jeff Sparks--two guys who were smart enough to move from Visalia. They have just released their fourth tape; it's great.

Leo Downey (The Ketch) Bring in the new year with the man who never takes a day off. It'll be a zoo.

It's only rock 'n' roll and thus these listings are subject to capricious change. Mom was right--call first.

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