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High Life / A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Biggest News Stories May Be Mideast War, the 'Big One'

December 27, 1990

With the approach of the Jan. 15 deadline for Iraq's withdrawal of troops from Kuwait, almost all the major headlines are being aimed at the Mideast.

While an impending conflict involving the United States concerns us all, it isn't the only issue on our minds. Hot Topics asks, "What do you predict will be the upcoming year's biggest news story?"

"I don't know what the biggest news story is, but I hope it would be world peace--that the world finally becomes one and no more war."

Jennifer Parrish, 16,

junior, Bolsa Grande

"I predict that the biggest news story will be the Persian Gulf crisis on Jan. 15."

Colette McLaughlin, 17,

junior, St. Margaret's

"I think the top story for next year will be an AIDS solution."

Trujille Virginia, 15,

sophomore, Bolsa Grande

"The biggest news story for the future will be 'the Big One.' "

Jason Tsai, 15,

sophomore, St. Margaret's

"Japanese buy the White House."

Scott Paul, 17,

senior, University

"The biggest news in 1991 is the San Francisco 49ers winning their third Super Bowl title in a row. Three-peat!"

John Lee, 18,

senior, Bolsa Grande

"If young people are not educated about the drug problem and pregnancy, there will be a big problem."

Jennifer Wolfe, 18,

senior, St. Margaret's

"The environment--that it has to be cleaned up and that there's no more room for our trash."

Linda Mar, 14,

freshman, Bolsa Grande

"The handling of the gulf crisis."

Elizabeth Whiteley, 16,

junior, University

"After the Jan. 15 deadline, most of the news will be focused on the probable war between Iraq and the United States and its allies. The major story will be either war or Saddam Hussein backing off due to pressure."

Robert LeMoine, 16,

junior, St. Margaret's

"The ending of the Persian Gulf crisis. Hopefully, it will be a peaceful one."

Erica Silva, 15,

sophomore, Bolsa Grande

"Donald Trump finds a new girlfriend and finally goes bankrupt."

Andrew Lin, 16,

junior, University

"A big earthquake will happen in the near future."

Hollie Burroughs, 14,

freshman, St. Margaret's

"Madonna becomes a nun."

Stanley Huang, 16,

junior, University

Next Week's Hot Topic:

Is there too much emphasis placed on sports?

Responses gathered by Brandi Winemiller (Bolsa Grande), Brooke Lyons (St. Margaret's) and Claudine Ko (University).

DR, EFRAIN ISLAS / For The Times

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