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GULF WATCH: Day 150 : A daily briefing paper on developments in the crisis : Diplomatic Front:

December 30, 1990

President Bush, in a Time magazine interview to be published Monday, said he has a "gut" feeling that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein will withdraw from Kuwait, even at the risk of being toppled from power by disenchanted Iraqi citizens.

Vice President Dan Quayle left Washington for the Persian Gulf, where he is to meet with Saudi officials today and visit U.S. troops on Monday and New Year's Day.

Meanwhile, Iraq denied reports that it may agree to withdraw from Kuwait by the U.N. deadline of Jan. 15 if it is assured that it will not be attacked by the U.S.-led coalition.

Political Front:

Democratic leaders of Congress probably will move to cut off funding for Operation Desert Shield if President Bush orders an attack against Iraq without congressional approval, House Majority Leader Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) declared. He urged that economic sanctions against Iraq be given at least 18 months to work before any military action is taken.

Military Front:

British Armed Forces Minister Archie Hamilton threatened massive retaliation if Iraq uses biological or chemical weapons against allied forces in the gulf. He said his country has begun stockpiling medicine for the possible inoculation of British troops.

Latest U.S. Deployment Figures:

* Army: 180,000

* Marines: 50,000

* Navy: 35,000

* Air Force: 35,000

* Total in region: 300,000

* To be deployed soon: 130,000

* Reservists mobilized: 125,000

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