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Performances An Opinionated Guide

January 03, 1991|BILL LOCEY

Traditionally, December and January are the slowest months, rock 'n' roll wise. There are fewer concerts, fewer albums released, and even the local bands seem to be cutting back. Don't expect to see Raging Arb & the Redheads for awhile. Guitarist Toby Emery broke his leg surfing. Don't expect to see local pop rockers Durango 95 for a while--they're still looking for a bass player. Don't expect to see bluesy/Nu wavy rockers Ariel for awhile--they're in the studio recording and hoping to get signed. And so far, there's no Mudheads, Something For Nothing or I-Rails gigs booked. Michael On Fire will soon be going on tour clear to Wyoming and places even worse than that.

Rock 'n' roll is equally scarce in Santa Barbara this time of year as the scene is tied to the school year. UC Santa Barbara won't be booking any shows until later this month. Even Leo Downey, the man who seemingly plays every night, is taking January off to go to Mammoth.


* Expression (Charlie's, 362 California St., Ventura, 648-6688) Hard-edged, intense rock 'n' roll that's short on humor but long on passion.

* One Love Vibration (Long Bar, 111 State St., Santa Barbara, 564-1215) Industrial, up-tempo roots rock reggae done by a quartet of pros.


* Michael On Fire (Brewhouse Grill, 202 State St., Santa Barbara, 963-3090) It's folk, rock and blues plus the meanest beer in the 805 area code.

* Spencer The Gardener (The Ketch, 514 State St., Santa Barbara, 564-3231) He's a local; he's a landscaper, he's popular; it'll be a hit.


* Expression, Frankenstein (Charlie's) Expression has the new tape, Frankenstein has the local "buzz."

* Donovan (Ventura Theatre, 26 Chesnut St., Ventura, 648-1888) The gentle Scottish troubadour turns back the clock to the groovy old days of 25 years ago.


* Matt Schulte & Bill Coffey (Charlie's) Tape "In Living Color" and "Married With Children" and check these guys out--it's folk music about as good as it gets. Hey, why didn't these guys open for Donovan?


* John Marx Blues Patrol (Alexander's, 1050 Schooner Dr., Ventura, 658-2000) This bluesy night will kick off the '91 Blue Monday season.

* The Neville Brothers (Ventura Theatre) Nobody sings better than these living legends.


* Art Carnage (Charlie's) Never heard of them, but great name or what?

It's only rock 'n' roll and thus these listings are subject to capricious change. Mom was right--call first.

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