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High Life / A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Sports: Does It Carry Too Much Weight on Campus?

January 03, 1991

Administrators often say a successful fall sports program can dictate the mood on their high school campus for the remainder of the school year.

But what change is affected by the success of the Academic Decathlon team or the debate squad?

Hot Topics asks, "Is there too much emphasis placed on sports?"

"No, because sports build character, a sense of responsibility and a sense of accomplishment."

Tina DeMarco, 17,

senior, Connelly

"There is not too much emphasis on sports. I personally learn more from sports than I do in the classroom."

Jacob Goldman, 15,

sophomore, Woodbridge

"Yes and no. In a lot of sports, too much time is put into practicing. On the other hand, sports are a lot of fun, and you want enough emphasis put on them to have a successful season."

Susan Huberman, 15,

sophomore, Los Alamitos

"Around school no one really talks about the sports going on, and in the yearbook none of the spring sports are put in."

Curt Tabscott, 17,

senior, Valencia

"Yes, there is too much emphasis placed on sports. Some people don't realize how important academics are."

Marcus Oxenham, 16,

junior, Sonora

"There's a lot of emphasis on sports, especially because athletes get a lot more money for what they do."

Elsa Espino, 17,

senior, Saddleback

"I have played sports since I was 5. They have taught me how to get along with people and to work together, not individually."

Shana Nelson, 16,

junior, Woodbridge

"People talk more about homework and other important things than about sports."

Neetu Hans, 14,

freshman, Connelly

"No, it's all up to the individual."

Christina McKay, 15,

sophomore, Sonora

"No, because sports are good for the human body, if played properly."

Carl Corbin, 16,

sophomore, Los Alamitos

"I think there's too much emphasis placed on sports, especially at New Year's with the bowl games. At school, success stories are usually sports-oriented, and there's more emphasis on sports than on academics."

Tran Ngo, 16,

junior, Saddleback

"No. It's good that people like sports. It's good for you, and it makes you feel good about yourself."

Josh Harris, 15,

freshman, Woodbridge

"No, but the sports program should be extended to encompass lacrosse, field hockey and billiards."

Brad Casucci, 18,

senior, Valencia

"Yes, because you can be well rounded without being involved in sports."

Narie Alsonson, 16,

junior, Connelly

"There is quite a lot of emphasis placed upon high school sports, which is fine as long as the same amount of emphasis is placed upon other areas such as fine arts, student government and academics, and this is not usually true."

Suzanne Boxdorfer, 17,

senior, Valencia

"Yes, sports are too publicized."

Nina Lynch, 16,

junior, Sonora

"No, because sports are what makes TV all of its money."

Jarrett Murphy, 16,

sophomore, Los Alamitos

"At school, sports are always encouraged, and social interest is in sports rather than academics."

Bich Tran, 18,

senior, Saddleback

"No, (but) there are enough sports-related assemblies during the year."

Doug Finnell, 17,

junior, Valencia

"I don't think that there is too much emphasis on sports, because some people get relaxed when they watch sports on TV or go to games."

Micheloe Gross, 16,

junior, Connelly

"No, because sports are a learning experience. In life there are ups and downs, and in sports there are wins and losses. You must learn to handle defeat in sports, as you must learn to handle defeat in life."

Jason Wucetich, 15,

sophomore, Los Alamitos

"No, because sports gets the same or less coverage than other forms of entertainment on TV."

Joel Simonds, 17,

senior, Saddleback

"Yes, because people use it as a tool for popularity."

David Brunn, 17,

junior, Woodbridge

"No. Education is the primary emphasis in school."

Mario Giampa, 17,

senior, Valencia

"Yes, because sports are overrated. People should spend less time focused on sports and more time concentrating on education and bettering our world."

Brooke Davis, 15,

sophomore, Los Alamitos

"No, there's not too much emphasis on sports, because it's great entertainment."

Kiet Ngo, 15,

sophomore, Saddleback

"Not at Connelly, because our sports teams are inferior."

Christy Thomas, 17,

senior, Connelly

Next Week's Hot Topic:

When you seek out someone for advice, who do you turn to and why?

Responses gathered by Janet Bester (Connelly), Trisha Ginsburg (Los Alamitos), Regina Hoang (Saddleback), Lani Kent (Sonora), Michael Chen (Valencia) and Katy Leeper (Woodbridge).

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