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January 06, 1991


SPY LINE by Len Deighton (Ballantine: $5.95). "Spy Hook's" British agent Bernard Samson is now a man without a country, or colleagues for that matter, since they are the ones attempting to sell him back his identity.

HIT AND RUN by Maxine O'Callaghan (St. Martin's: $3.95). Private eye Delilah West hits the streets, dodging cars to solve the murder of a wealthy elderly man.

A DREAM OF OLD LEAVES by Bret Lott (Washington Square: $6.95). Short-story collection about the ordinary things that make each life unique and special.

SLEEP WALK by John Saul (Bantam: $5.95). Someone in the town of Borego, N.M., dislikes teen-agers--and while that is not an original thought, the manner used to rid the town of them is.


BARBARIANS AT THE GATE: The Fall of RJR Nabisco by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar (Harper Perennial: $10.95). Beginning of the end for the '80s LBO culture, which may have helped to usher in the recession of the '90s.

LOST IN A BOOK: The Psychology of Reading for Pleasure by Victor Nell (Yale University: $14.95). There are two basic reasons people read, but a wide range of feelings gained from the experience.

THE TEMPTING OF AMERICA: The Political Seductions of the Law by Robert H. Bork (Touchstone: $10.95). Unsuccessful Supreme Court aspirant expounds on the issue of the Constitutional responsibilities of our legislative bodies.

CHILI DAWGS BARK AT NIGHT by Lewis Grizzard (Ballantine: $5.95). The author recommends this as perfect bathroom reading, especially if your culinary tastes resemble his.

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