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Mexico Corrections

January 06, 1991

While in general the Los Angeles Times jumbles Spanish words all too frequently, given the Spanish-speaking population in the area served by The Times, one would think that The Times would have on its staff a sufficient number of people who could at least check the spelling of Spanish words.

In the article "Same Time Next Year," Michael Munzell claims to have visited Mazatlan every year for 21 years. If he (or the proofreader) does not know how to spell the Spanish words, please just give us the English:

Existan is the subjunctive mood of existir . Munzell should have written No existen .

Then we go to Collegio Pacifico . The spelling is Colegio . Pacifico should carry an accent over the first "i."

The phrase "todo Mazatlan" should be "toda Mazatlan."

"Carnicerias" has an accent over the final "i." Mazatlan, of course, carries an accent over the last "a."


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