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Limit the Privilege to Drive

January 10, 1991

Thank you for the informative and interesting article by James Quinn, "Dire Problems, Drastic Solutions" (Dec. 30).

Virtually all of the solutions in the article would be welcomed, but I was born and raised on Manhattan Island within walking distance of Times Square and see the way of life there as normal and ideal.

Angelenos tend to despise Manhattanization and to jealously defend one's God-given right to use an automobile whenever and however one pleases.

All of the solutions will be fought and resisted by the average Angeleno, unfortunately.

Perhaps the following can be considered as a solution: That driving privileges be permanently taken from anyone who in any way demonstrates that he or she is incapable of operating a motor vehicle in a safe, courteous and responsible manner.

Were such a law in effect today, a good third of our population would be forbidden to drive, and nine out of 10 of our accidents would not be occurring.

Our trauma centers would not be overburdened. Good drivers would have the roads to themselves, plenty of parking spaces and even lower, or at least stabilized, insurance rates.

As for the irresponsibles and their ability to get to their jobs, there is public transportation.

It will not be for one whose job is 50 miles away, but who in one's right mind would consider taking a job so far from home?

I do not really know how to drive and care enough about my fellow beings not to fake it. I use the RTD and find it quite adequate.


North Hollywood

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